Count of Monte Cristo – Pencil Roughs

I’ve had a bit of time to move ahead on these Count of Monte Cristo pages I’ve been working on just for fun.  I took my very rough thumbnails from the last iteration of this project and turned them all into 15% cyan blue via threshold –> fill in Photoshop, then I work over those again in orange, red and finally pencil again.  I’ll include page one in it’s original, colored state, but for the rest I’ll just post the final images.  With these, I’ve again dropped out all the color other than the pencils and then pulled my lettering in from the previous round of thumbnails.  Here’s the original of the first page, all colors in-tact:


… and here’s all five pages after a bit of Photoshop magic and with the lettering added back in:







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  1. andrewwales says:

    Amazing! That would be great if you could get this book as a paying gig.

  2. Ben says:

    Yeah, that’s for sure! I’m gonna complete these five pages and then see if I can get someone to bite once the new year’s rolled around and (hopefully) the publishing industry will have begun a post-recession thawing.

  3. Chris S says:

    These are great! Really nice water.

    On a side note, I’m glad there are folks who do projects like this “just for fun.” I’ve got thumbs for short scene adaptations, but never get around to flushing them out. Now I really, really want to!

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