Count of Monte Cristo – Thumbnails

Just for fun, I thought I’d drum up maybe five pages or so of my imagined graphic novel adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo.  This obviously isn’t a “front burner” project for me at the moment, but I’ll post progress on these pages as I work on them with an eye toward discussing process.  So, here are five pages of thumbnails:






This is of course (if you’re familiar with the story) the scene in which Edmund has switched places with the corpse of his recently-departed jailmate.  He assumes he’ll be taken out and buried in a shallow grave and then, once the guards have left, he’ll be able to cut him out of his sack and dig himself out the grave with his 19th century “shiv.”  This is of course not the case, though…  As it says, “The sea is the cemetery of the Chateau d’If.”

As you can see, I work in multiple colors–a trick I picked up when I very, very briefly worked in animation.  I start in light blue, then move to orange, red and finally a regular B pencil.  This allows me to go over and over an image, building it up and correcting as I go.  I can go in with Photoshop  and pull all the non-pencil color out as I move to the next phase.

I’m using a standard 9-panel grid as a base.  I tend to favor this, as well as a slightly more square than usual page shape, for most of my work.   I’m just guessing at the sizes needed for caption boxes and voice balloons at this point.

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