Oyster War

Oyster War – Available now from Oni Press!



Ben Towle’s critically acclaimed, Eisner-nominated comic finally comes to print!

In the coastal town of Blood’s Haven, the economy runs on oysters. Oyster farming is one of the most lucrative professions, but also the most dangerous. Not just from the unforgiving ocean and its watery depths-there are also oyster pirates to worry about! Commander Davidson Bulloch and his motley crew are tasked with capturing these ne’er-do-wells-but they don’t know that Treacher Fink, the pirates’ leader, possesses a magical artifact that can call forth a legendary spirit with the power to control the sea and everything in it!


“A dynamic adventure that is as delightful as it is exciting.” – Booklist

“Every single page is wonderfully vibrant, with a strong cast of oddball characters. ” – Publishers Weekly

“A fun read that reveals a little-known slice of American history. ” – School Library Journal

“A grand adventure on the open sea that evokes classics like Treasure Island and Pirates of the Caribbean.” – Broken Frontier


Oyster War is a big, beautiful 161 page full-color oversize hardcover. It is available at comics shops, book stores, Amazon and and all the usual online outlets.

It’s also available digitally from Comixology.

Or come see me and get a signed copy at any of my “Oyster Tour” appearances. Dates and times here.




  1. Bill Wottlin says:


    Where did the comic pages go? I was trying to show my wife the page I think we agreed I could buy this year and I cannot find the whole comic thing. I have ordered the book already from Amazon but I wanted to show her the page I liked.


  2. Ben says:

    Bill – With the print edition coming out in just two months, we’ve taken the webcomic offline. If you’re interested in a page and can describe it to me, please contact me via email and I’ll send you an image of it.

    I may have a backup of the old website that I can stick up online for you to take a look at, but I’m not sure if I do or not.

    Whatever the case, feel free to shoot me an email – benzilla@benzilla.com

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