“Bucky Katt is on Pot” pt. 3

In what will likely be the final installment of this tempest in a teapot that wasn’t–namely last week’s Get Fuzzy story arc–I’ll post a small update with a few bits of info I received yesterday from folks who read my initial posts.

First off, I heard back from my friend at our local paper, The Winston-Salem Journal, and he confirmed that the Journal did not in fact run the (potentially) offending strips, but ran instead replacement strips presumably offered by the syndicate, who certainly must have anticipated resistance from the get-go. (Although I seem to recall that a Sunday Get Fuzzy in which Satchel is shown reading a partially obscured magazine called Bitches in Heat managed to slip through a while back.)

Andrew from MetaDC wrote in to note the interesting choice of replacement strips chosen by the syndicate (assuming that the ones running in The Washington Post are the ones offered to all the papers that chose not to run the strips). I’m not sure how much one can read into this, but apparently the replacement strips were from a previous story arc in which Rob tries to brew beer in his apartment! I’ve got to admit that it seems peculiar to me that a character shown brewing beer in his house is more acceptable to the general public than a character making sign with a slogan that could be construed as referring to–an not even necessarily advocating–marijuana use.

Anyway, at this point it seems like it’d be more fruitful to try to locate a paper that did run the original strips than to keep adding to the list of ones that didn’t. I’ve in fact yet to hear of any paper that ran them…

UPDATE: Well, if this article on Editor and Publisher is to be believed, I’m wrong on several counts. Apparently only 10-12 of the 650 or so papers that carry Get Fuzzy, opted to run the alternate strips instead of the Bucky pot slogan strips.

I’m also pleasantly surprised to be wrong as well in my supposition that, had the original strips been run widely, there would have been more complaining in evidence. Maybe people are so busy complaining about Lio that Get Fuzzy flew in under the radar?

On the other hand, it’s hardly a mark of pride that my local paper, The Winston-Salem Journal was one of the apparently few that wouldn’t run the original strips.  “City of the Arts,” my ass.

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