Oyster War Now Free Online at Tumblr

“Free online” is pretty much redundant, isn’t it? Anyway, I’ve set up a quick tumblr blog at http://oysterwar.tumblr.com and have uploaded the first two chapters of Oyster War there. Does that make Oyster War a webcomic now? Probably not. I’ll be violating the webcomics first rule–“update regularly”–right off the bat: I just posted twenty-something pages in one big batch, and I’ll only start posting new pages once I’ve started cranking out pages from the next chapter… which is still a few weeks off at best. I’m hoping though–as with this blog–that I’ll wind up with a weird compulsion to update at least semi-regularly once I’ve officially set the ball rolling with the online version of Oyster War.

If you want to read the complete two chapters, start here with the first page: Oyster War pg. 1.

I’ll continue to post design work, sketches, and any process/teaching posts here to benzilla.com; plain old finished, colored pages though, will be going straight to the tumblr. If you want to receive regular updates as each page is posted, please follow me on twitter: @ben_towle.

Interested publishers: boxes filled with riches may be shipped directly to my home address.

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