I’m Back from the Union County Mini-Con

I just walked back in the door from the Union County library Mini-Con in Monroe, NC and I had a blast.  As you can imagine in a library that has my books in its collection, the name of the game here wasn’t sellin’ stuff, (damn you, “Comrade” Obama and your socialized book stores–or, as you call them, “libraries.”) but rather, meeting local folks who are interested in comics and of course, hanging out with the other guests at the con.  I carpooled to and from with Dan Johnson who’s in nearby (to me, not Monroe) Archdale, NC.  Dan’s a writer and a lot of his recent work has been adapting classic literature for the India-based publisher Campfire Books.  As you can imagine with my interest in doing a GN adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo, we spent a lot of the drive “talking shop” about comics adaptations of classic lit.  (And of course, as is always the case when two comics folk are in direct contact for more than 30 minutes, we discussed Roger Corman’s film version of The Fantastic Four.)

Once at the show, I spent most of the day just chatting with folks who were visiting the con to find out about folks who make comics.  I saw a few old friends that I see mainly at conventions–like Brandon Padgett of Big Dog Studio–but also got to hang out with Al Bigley whose work I’ve known for a while, but who I’ve never met in person (nor had any idea he lived in NC).   Al’s collection of superhero ephemera is legendary, and Dan and I had been graciously invited to stop by his house on the way home to check it out in person but, alas we wound up hanging out at the library yacking and had to get back on the road directly.

In the midst of all this, I did manage to draw a few superhero sketches in preparation for whatever con I happen to next be at.  Here they are:

The Red Tornado


Night Owl

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  1. Anii says:

    the tornado has such nice line work! :)

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