Boxing Bucket, Pg. 2 – Part II

..and here are the in-progress pencils for page two of the Boxing Bucket story. The first panel is pretty well tightened up, but the rest of the page is still just roughs at this point. I’ve placed the borders of the oval panels with Photoshop because I can’t draw a decent oval freehand–I’ll print out the oval borders and then lightbox them onto the bristolboard.

pg 2 pencils
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Putting the “Institution” back in the “Institution of Marriage”

This is the image that was on the exterior of a “Thank You” card I received from my newly-married friends from Charlotte, John and Daphne. They have apparently dressed their cats Epiphany and Sue (who’s actually a male cat, and a hairless one at that–just like Mr. Bigglesworth) as a bride and groom.

Riding the fine line between cute and disturbing:

Bride and Groom
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Boxing Bucket, pg 2 — Part I

I had originally just planned on posting my progress on the initial page of this story, but I think I’ll continue to post stuff on this story as I get it done. It’s an interesting experience that requires me to really think about my process–which is good for any artist–and it’s a good exercise that’ll help me get prepared for my recently-begun column for Silver Bullet Comics.

So, anyway…. In my posts about the fist page of the Boxing Bucket story, I talked a bit about “building up” the panels in a page by working in different colored pencils, but I thought it’d be interesting to post a page of thumbnails as it progresses through this process. So here’s the beginnings of page 2 of the Boxing Bucket story, starting with non-photo blue, then to mustard, then to orange, then red.

color pencil thumbs
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Winter Wuf-Fest ’05

Katherine and I have just returned from Raleigh NC, the site of the Winter Wuf-Fest flyball tournament. I’ve posted some pictures from the event at the top of my photo gallery page:

Winter Wuf-Fest ’05

BBY campsite
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The pail’s progress, pt 6

Well, here’s the final inked page. I still don’t like the way the first panel turned out, but at this point I’ll chalk it up to a learning curve since I’m attempting an inking style that’s somewhat new to me. Depending on how I feel about it once all four pages are complete, I may go back and redo it yet again.

I’m pretty happy with the way the rest of the page turned out. I wound up doing most of the outline drawing with a #3 brush and I did all the hatching/stippling with a Hunts 108 nib. This is the first time I’ve done any work that required using the quill so much, and I wound up enjoying it after I got used to it. You have to reload the nib with annoying frequency, and have to be very careful not to smudge the ink, since a quill lays down a lot of ink (relative to a brush) and it stays wet a lot longer.

I drew this page at 190% of final printed size, which is the size at which I usually work, but I think that if I do another story inked this way I’ll reduce that and work a lot closer to actual size–like maybe 135%–in order to be sure that the hatching detail doesn’t get lost in the reduction or reproduction steps. For consistency’s sake, though, I’ll do the rest of this story at 190% and hope for the best.

bucket pg 1 inked
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