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Think of a City


Here’s my contribution to the wonderful Think of a City collaborative project. The idea behind the project is that each artist participating draws a cityscape or scene that takes place in a city with his or her contribution containing one drawn element and one color from the previous artist’s submission. There’s some pretty amazing artwork …

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A Grid of Monsters

Spooky Scary color

Here’s a grid of monsters I drew as a pinup for Jess Smart Smiley’s Kickstarter book, Spooky Silly Comics: I really love bestiaries and things of that ilk so (after a bit of machinating about other possibilities) I decided that’s the route I’d go here. For projects like this, I like to introduce some randomness–just …

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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Prints For Sale/Process Post


Our local independent theater, a/perture Cinema is doing a yearlong film series in which local artists pick films to be screened each month and design posters to accompany them. Of the five films I submitted for consideration, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was selected. (My other four were The Road Warrior, Kung Fu Hustle, …

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WFDD T-Shirt Design


I don’t usually do “freebie” work, but when our local NPR station asked me for a t-shirt design, I was glad to oblige. I’m a regular listener and an on-and-off member (mainly depending on whether I manage to remember to let them know my most recent credit card number for my monthly contribution) so I …

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Lou Reed – 1942-2013

lou reed

Here’s a drawing of Lou Reed I started the evening he died and just wrapped up this evening. Since his death, people far more eloquent and far more knowledgeable about music than I have written about Lou Reed’s significance and importance. I’ll just say this: I discovered the Velvet Underground when I was in high …

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Black Sabbath


I drew Black Sabbath. I was mainly just looking for an excuse to play with coloring in Manga Studio. I’m only on EX4, but I hear there’s some pretty serious coloring features coming to EX5 later this summer. I’d really like to get Adobe products entirely out of my workflow, given their odious new pricing …

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Merida from Brave, done Popeye/E.C. Segar-Style


I recently saw Brave and absolutely loved it… but was mystified by the lackluster reviews of it I read after seeing it. I’m going to write a post with some of my thoughts about this discrepancy between how good I thought the film was and the critical reaction to it, but I just haven’t had …

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Heroes Con 2012!


“Heroes Caaaaaaahhhhhnnnnn!” Heroes Con ’12 is right around the corner, so here’s some basic info on what’s going on vis-à-vis yours truly: Where Will I Be? I’ll be seated in “Indie Island” at table AA-544. Here’s a quick map of the 500 section of Indie Island with my table marked, as well as the tables …

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Monday: AlphaBooks!


On the off chance that you missed it on Twitter, this coming week begins our newest group alphabet project, AlphaBooks. This go ’round there’s a slightly different submission procedure, so be sure to pop on over to the official AlphaBooks tumblr to get up to speed. I’ll be posting my completed images to Twitter with …

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Playing With Watercolors


(Sorry about the bland title; I’d considered titling this post “Catch the Water in your Magic Paintbox,” which is a line from the totally hilarious psychedelic rock song “Rainy Day Sun” by Spın̈al Tap, but that song’s off their second record and I don’t think anyone other than me actually bought it.) Anyway… Here’s the …

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