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Portrait Night 5/3 (Grant Achatz)


Tonight’s #PortraitNight subject is chef and restaurateur Grant Ashatz.  This is actually one of my favorite  portraits so far, I think because it’s so stripped-down, cartoony, and not over-rendered as some of my past ones have been. It also looks like a character design that I’d actually do for one of my comics. I wonder …

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“Talking with Tim” Interview at CBR’s Robot 6


I recently did a really enjoyable interview with Tim O’Shea for his “Talking with Tim” feature over at ComicBookResources.com. As is my wont, I wound up flapping my trap overmuch and consequently what probably should have been a short “what are you working on” interview wound up being me rambling on about everything from TinTin …

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What Am I Working On?


Every once in a while–more really to organize my own thoughts than in response to any actual outside interest in the information–I do a “What am I Working on?” post where I run down the statuses of my current comics projects. I did that in an abbreviated form over at The Beat for their year-end …

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To Epilogue or not to Epilogue?


I just finished writing the script for a music/culinary-themed graphic novel I’ve been working on called In The Weeds and I found myself wrestling–not for the first time–with whether to include an epilogue.  Here’s the thing with epilogues: whenever I’m reading a book or watching a film and there’s an epilogue tacked on to the …

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More Characters from “In the Weeds”


I’ve mostly been working on the narrative structure for In the Weeds of late, (and I wrapped up scripting Act I today!) but I have been working a bit in my sketchbook on some of the ancillary characters from the story. Here are a few: At this point they’re getting to be less and less …

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Craft: “In the Weeds” Character Designs


I’ve been working more on character designs for In the Weeds, refining some of the characters I’d already got rough versions of and adding a few secondary characters.  I’ve still got a girlfriend or two, as well as a pastry chef (for some reason, I’ve saved the female characters for last) to get together visually, …

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Proposals: Out with the Old, In with the New


While there are a few (like maybe one or two) editors who’ve not definitively responded to the Count of Monte Cristo graphic novel proposal I’d been working on a month or two ago, it looks like it’s time to consider it officially dead in the water–or at least, “shelved” for the time being.  I’m continuing …

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