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“Talking with Tim” Interview at CBR’s Robot 6


I recently did a really enjoyable interview with Tim O’Shea for his “Talking with Tim” feature over at ComicBookResources.com. As is my wont, I wound up flapping my trap overmuch and consequently what probably should have been a short “what are you working on” interview wound up being me rambling on about everything from TinTin …

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What Am I Working On?


Every once in a while–more really to organize my own thoughts than in response to any actual outside interest in the information–I do a “What am I Working on?” post where I run down the statuses of my current comics projects. I did that in an abbreviated form over at The Beat for their year-end …

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Proposals: Out with the Old, In with the New


While there are a few (like maybe one or two) editors who’ve not definitively responded to the Count of Monte Cristo graphic novel proposal I’d been working on a month or two ago, it looks like it’s time to consider it officially dead in the water–or at least, “shelved” for the time being.  I’m continuing …

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Interview at ALA’s Good Comics for Kids Blog

Among the many great folks I had a chance to hang out with a few weeks back at Heroes Con 2010 was Snow Wildsmith, a regional librarian (Mooresville, NC) and blogger for the American Library Association’s Good Comics for Kids site.  She did an interview with me on the show floor about all-ages GNs and …

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Sketchbook 3/31


Up top here is a possible design for Mercedes from The Count of Monte Cristo project, and down below are two possible designs for a bartender in Oyster War.


Sketchbook 2/19


…And yet a few more Count of Monte Cristo sketches, this time of Haydee.  She’s a character who often gets cut, or at least diminished, in film/TV versions but I’d definitley find a way to keep her front and center if possible.  I’m not really happy with either of these designs, but you gotta start …

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Sketchbook 2/18


Yet more noodling on The Count of Monte Cristo–this time, The Count himself.  The main thing I’m going for here is to (unlike any film or TV version I’ve seen) really play up the Orientalist nature of the book, and The Count in particular. I don’t know that these two images do that entirely, but …

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Sketchbook 2/12


More sketchbook ruminations on character designs from The Count of Monte Cristo.  This time it’s Fernand, shown here on the left as the young Fernand Mondego, and on the right as “The Count de Morcerf,” a title he purchases with ill-gotten spoils of war.


Sketchbook 02/08


I don’t know if anything will come of this Count of Monte Cristo thing, but it’s at least something fun to work on in my sketchbook.  This is another rumination on the character of Danglars (shown young and old here), who hits me as a real nouveau riche type who would probably be decked out …

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Count of Monte Cristo 5-Page Sample – Complete


Well, here it is: the five finished pages of The Count of Monte Cristo I’ve been tinkering with on and off for a bit.  If this ever became a real Count of Monte Cristo graphic novel project, I’d likely hand-letter it (or at least get a font made of my hand lettering) but for purposes …

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