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Marvel’s 25th Anniversary, 20/20, and Jim Shooter in the Letters Page


I’ve been reading Michael Golden’s great 80’s Marvel Vietnam War comic, The ‘Nam–something I should really devote a whole blog post to when I’m done–and I’ve been fortunate enough to get a hold of the actual issues, rather than the collected edition. In addition to having the original coloring, the issues also obviously include non-story …

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SPX 2014


You’d think with me now being pretty much done with Oyster War I’d have time for a big, extensive SPX 2014 wrap-up, but I’ve actually got to jump right into several other comics (and other) projects pretty quickly. But, I did want to do just a quick post–mainly just to show off some of the …

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Think of a City


Here’s my contribution to the wonderful Think of a City collaborative project. The idea behind the project is that each artist participating draws a cityscape or scene that takes place in a city with his or her contribution containing one drawn element and one color from the previous artist’s submission. There’s some pretty amazing artwork …

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Talking Comics Terminology on the Deconstructing Comics Podcast


I was recently a guest on the Deconstructing Comics podcast discussing my recent (and surprisingly controversial?) blog post about using film terminology to discuss comics. I’m hoping that the hour-long conversation here gave me a bit more room to make my case in a more nuanced and thorough way than in the original post. One …

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A Grid of Monsters

Spooky Scary color

Here’s a grid of monsters I drew as a pinup for Jess Smart Smiley’s Kickstarter book, Spooky Silly Comics: I really love bestiaries and things of that ilk so (after a bit of machinating about other possibilities) I decided that’s the route I’d go here. For projects like this, I like to introduce some randomness–just …

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Is Bill Watterson Guest-drawing on Pearls Before Swine?


At the beginning of this week Pearls Before Swine cartoonist Stephan Pastis mentioned that something “mind-blowing” was upcoming in this week’s story-line:   This week’s Pearls strips will contain a mind-blowing surprise. I promise. pic.twitter.com/bzLS9zkBdF — Stephan Pastis (@stephanpastis) June 2, 2014 In Monday’s strip, Pastis’s neighbor (Pastis appears as a character in the strip), …

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HeroesCon 2013 Music and Comics Panel

Here’s some great video footage of our Music and Comics panel from last year at Heroes Con. You can jump directly to my presentation (and see the video much bigger) here. As usual, we probably went a bit overboard with this panel, but there were tons and tons of great people who participated: Comics and …

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Recent Commissions


  Here’re a few recent commissions I’ve done. From the top: Silver Surfer & Galactus, Kraven’s Last Hunt a la The Usual Suspects movie poster, and the original X-Men a la The Breakfast Club movie poster. Schedule-allowing, I’m usually available for commissions. Just contact me via email (link in the nav bar up top).


Calvin and Hobbes & Cul de Sac at The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library


When I first got wind of an upcoming joint Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes)/Richard Thompson (Cul de Sac) exhibition at Columbus, Ohio’s Billy Ireland Cartoon Library, my immediate reaction was: I’m there. And indeed I was. Friday I met my friend, comics teacher/critic/writer Craig Fischer, in the wee hours of Friday morning and embarked from …

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Won’t Someone Please Make Comics For Kids?!


Every time there’s some sort of kids’ comics-related kerfuffle like the recent Power Puff Girls cover thing, you can count on an appearance by one of the online comics community’s  perennial gadflies: the “kids’ comics denier.” Much like his brethren (and it is pretty much always a he) the climate change deniers, moon landing deniers, …

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