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Ben Towle is a four time Eisner-nominated cartoonist whose rollicking nautical fantasy comic, Oyster War, is published by Oni Press. His previous book, Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean (with Sarah Stewart Taylor), a graphic novel for young adults, was released by Disney/Hyperion Books in 2010.  The book has received accolades from such publications as The New York Times and Publishers Weekly and was a Junior Library Guild selection. His previous work includes the historical fiction graphic novel Midnight Sun as well as an earlier volume of comics folk tales, Farewell, Georgia, both from SLG Publishing.

I’m a forty-something-ish year cartoonist living in Columbus, Ohio. I’m from a Navy family and consequently grew up in various locations throughout the U.S., but I’ve lived in North Carolina for most of my adult life and called it home until very recently.

I studied philosophy at Davidson College, but finding the job market for professional philosophers somewhat lacking, I joined a rock band after graduation, made a record for an indie label, and spent a couple of years touring the Southeast in a Chevy van with a transmission that would occasionally, and without warning, burst into a cloud of smoky burnt transmission fluid.

In an effort to ward off practical pursuits for a few more years, I decided to return to school to study “Sequential Art” (an unfortunate term for cartooning and comic book art) at The Savannah College of Art and Design.

Since then I’ve been working as a freelance artist…

…published some comics:

…and I’d done some teaching on and off at The Savannah College of Art and DesignThe Sawtooth School for Visual Art, and various other places. I’m currently a professor of illustration at The Columbus College of Art and Design.



  1. Ryan says:

    Hey Ben,
    I just caught the interview on CGS this afternoon whilst driving to and from Burlington, which, if I’m not mistaken, is right around the corner from your stomping grounds. The interview was really cool, and it’s cool to know that there are creators here in good ‘ol North Cackalacky. I live in Mount Pleasant, which is about 25 miles north of Charlotte. I’ve been a comic fan all my life, and I’ll definitely be picking up Midnight Sun when it hits shelves. Sounds like a really cool concept.

    Now – on to “Come on Thunderchild.” I too spent some time on the Southeast music circuit. I was in several bands out of Raleigh, and although there’s a lot of bourbon clouding those days, I’m almost POSITIVE my band (one of them) did some shows with you guys. If you have memories of Snooker’s or the Brewery, it would probably have been at one of those venues. I was in two bands – Motherload and Leadfoot (called Loose Cannon for a little while), and COT really, really sounds familiar. Ever recall crossing paths? I’d love to know.

    Good luck on the book – can’t wait to check it out!

  2. David McPherson says:

    ben, how are you? what’s your address? I want to invite you and your wife to my wedding in Spartanburg. David

  3. ben says:

    hello ben… my name’s ben…
    i live in switzerland. i’m a cartoonist too. find u by hazard…
    think it’s funny. i’m glad i did, your work is great.
    will try to find some book of u here in geneva.
    well bwoï keep da good work !
    best reguards

  4. ChicoDelRico says:

    Long time no see. I have a baby boy now. He’s 14 months old. Remember when I said I got custody of my older son, Well he just got accepted in the North Carolina School of Arts in Winston-Salem.WooHoo!
    It’s good to see your doing good for yourself. I’m still at Art’s ,If your ever in town I’ll buy you lunch. Right now I’m in Buffalo N.Y. visiting family and I plan on playing some discgolf while i’m up here.Maybe I’ll grab a cuban in Canada.Anyway I’ll try to get back on the net to keep more in touch with people and my son. Until then Peace, Long live the brewcoo!

  5. Wayne says:

    Ben, just wondered if you remembered the old days at Discworks? Just found your web-site, could not be happier for you man. Your art work is great. Good luck, and good hoboing.

  6. Kitty says:

    So you ARE a Hobo that they picked up on the street!
    Did you just put that?

  7. Eduardo says:

    Hi, I was just looking for pictures of demon one day and came across your website. I’m interested in the Almost One Hundred Demons category. Is that influenced by Linda Berry’s book One Hundred Demons? I am trying to make 100 demons myslef, but in ceramics. I have 25 done so far. I know I have a long way to go, but it’s more time consuming to make the demons out of clay instead of drawing them.

  8. Wayne says:

    Ben, Just got the book. I really like it. I also saw the pictures of the little one congratulations man. You take care of the bundle and mom they will fill your life with, well life. I guess I should have studied philosphy. That was a little corny but true.

  9. Chris says:

    May the Rumpasaurus Throwdown never be forgotten! Came across your site after googling “Come On Thunderchild.” Katja and I are living in Portland, OR. (And yes, they do have televsion where she comes from.) I love your work – spent a while looking at your site.

    I’d be great to hear from you,


  10. Towner Blackstock says:

    Glad you’ll be attending the reunion at Davidson!

  11. Jack Huang says:

    Hello sir, I am one of Chris Schwieser’s students, I’ve been following through your Oyster War and they are fabulous! They really remind me of the cute and round styles of a German comic called “vater and sohn” (father and so,) it’s awesome.

  12. Ben says:

    Hey, thanks! I’ll have to check out that strip you mention.

  13. Matthew Ramos says:

    Hey Ben! Loved the video man. Don’t know if you remember the name well, but I was your agent ohhhh about 14 years ago at PC music. Hope you and the guys are well.

  14. Victoria Edwards Hecht says:

    Hi Ben,
    I’m glad to find your site. What talent! You’ve always had the greatest imagination. I had a dream about you and other high school friends last night. In the dream we were back the old school (but our age now) and painting the school wild, crazy colors. I was taking photos of it and going to do a story, too, for the paper. You borrowed my digital camera and replaced it with a very cool, very old Kodochrome or something similar. Of course, after that dream I had to look you up. I’m still living here in Norfolk. Married to Evan and two kids — a son and daughter, 12 and 10, respectively. I’m the Home and Gracious Living editor here at The Virginian-Pilot. Like to do craftty, arty things in my spare time. I’d love to here from you. Are you folks still here? So glad to see your site.

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