“Rent” Party for Comics Artist Craig Hamilton


I got a ginormous long email this morning from friend and comics artist Craig Hamilton, but I’ll condense it for you here: He’s been renting a cool house that he loves in downtown Macon for years, and now he wants to buy it.   So, he’s having a “rent” party, but instead of rent money, he’s trying to get enough money together to put the wheels in motion to buy the house… and instead of the traditional rent party keg o’ beer, he’s got artwork to sell.  Says Craig:

I have roughly a thousand 11×14 Conan “Stranger In A Mirrored Glass” prints which I am selling for $25 each, and the 20×26 Peter Pan and Wendy prints are printed to order for $50 each.

Craig’s also got a ton of stuff posted over at his ComicArtFans.com gallery.  It doesn’t look like there are prices listed for that stuff, buy you can email Craig about those pieces, or about commissions, at anonymouseye [at] bellsouth [dot] net.  If you’re in Macon, the get-together is on Thursday, 7:00 pm, at Craig’s house on Cherry Street.

(The above two-page spread is from Craig’s ill-fated Peter Pan project, the rights to which he says may finally be reverting back to him–so maybe we’ll get to see it in print at long last.)

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