More Midnight Sun Reviews

Lately, I’ve been using the occurrence of each new review of Midnight Sun as an opportunity to talk about my comics-making process.  I’m currently under the gun to get my pages for the WAP Free Comic Book Day issue done by the end of the month, so I’m just going to post excerpts and links to these two.First, here’s one from a while back, posted to ComicsFondle.com:

Midnight Sun ends so nicely, it’s going to be hard to go back and talk about the beginning. The beginning is good too, but at the end, Towle resists a decidedly American urge and sets Midnight Sun apart. It’s better than I expected–Towle has an excellent understanding of pacing–but the ending makes the comic almost… well, French, actually. The ending makes Midnight Sun a comfortable amalgam of American storytelling and French narrative sensibility. It’s a lovely close. (Read the whole review…)

And just posted over at St. Louis’s PlaybackStl.com:

Now that the full story has been collected in print for the first time, it is definitely worth seeking out. The rich storytelling found in this story make it resonate despite any minor historical inaccuracies, and the creative liberties Towle takes with the story only serve to help the reader understand the circumstances better. (Read the whole review…)

Also, note on the front page that there’s an interview with fellow SLG-er Evan Dorkin, of Dork, Milk & Cheese, etc.

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