Egg Story

Completely unrelated to the book Strange Eggs that I’ve been working on with Chris Reilly, is Egg Story by J. Marc Schmidt. I’m embarrassed to say, I just got around to reading this recently—embarrassed because we’re both published by the same publisher…and because of the egg connection. At any rate, I really enjoyed the book. It’s rare in these post-Maus days to read a comic book that exhibits such innocent charm and such a big heart. It’s also a testament to something I’ve always firmly believed about comics: a great story can carry a book, but great art can’t carry a book with a sub-par story. Schmidt’s art is good—but he’s no master draftsman— (although, I shouldn’t really talk about anything in that department…). Yet, this charming story about a bunch of eggs that bust out of the fridge and have to find their ways in the big scary world, is so full of genuine feeling and good, solid storytelling that I really couldn’t put it down.

egg story

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