Midnight Sun GN in October Previews


Hey, all you good-looking, popular, lacrosse-playin’, rich ass daddy’s BMW-driving jerks I went to high school with who thought I wasn’t “cool,” you’re wrong–dead wrong, I tell’s ya! And for proof, I offer this. Midnight Sun has been “certified cool” by the folks at Diamond Previews. Thanks, Diamond people! (Also certified cool is Rick Geary’s latest installment of his great Treasury of Victorian Murder series. Might as well get a copy of that too, while you’re at it.)

You can find Midnight Sun on page 215. I haven’t seen the new Previews in person yet, but I’m guessing there’ll be a little picture of the cover art next to it. The order number for the book is OCT07 3222, so be sure to demand–don’t ask–your local comics shop to make sure to get you a copy, dammit!

The book’s already gotten some nice shout-outs from Johanna Draper Carlson over at Comics Worth Reading and from Greg Burgas at Comics Should be Good. Big ups to them for the mentions!

The above potential cover reworking, by the way, is courtesy of designer extraordinaire Scott Saavedra, who’s responsible for the design work on a lot of the great-looking books that have been coming out of SLG of late.

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  1. Scott Saavedra says:

    PSST! That’s Saavedra with three “a”s and one “e” (Thank you for calling me extraordinaire).

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