Heroes Con ’07 – Friday

It’s too damn late for me to really put anything insightful (or really even coherent) together about the first day of Heroes con, but that won’t stop me from giving it the old college try…

There was a sizable crowd of folks lined up in the lobby of the Charlotte Convention Center when I arrived there a bit before ten in the morning, waiting for the doors to open at eleven. Heroes’ venerable con announcer, Dustin Harbin, got on the mic a few minutes before opening and gave an estimate of a thousand people lined up, which seemed like a ton–but, however many of them there were, they arrived on the floor somewhat gradually, as they all had to be funnelled through the single escalator that leads down onto the convention floor.

I was situated in Indie Island with the usual folks, as mentioned in my last post directly previous to this one, and much catching up and jabber-jawing commenced. With my series Midnight Sun changed from a serialized story to a one-shot graphic novel to come out at the end of this year, I found myself without much new to sell, so I expected things to be a bit slower sales-wise than usual, but other folks even without such caveats seemed to think that things were pretty slow today, even for a Friday. I wonder, though, if this is really just Heroes returning to its normal, relaxed state after the atypical Heroes/Wizard hoopla of last year.

The bar in the Weston was definitely the place to be post-show (and post-dinner), but in addition to that there was an official Heroes event in a nearby ballroom in the Weston with a band, an additional bar, and a showing of a movie associated with Rosario Dawson.

Former Winston-Salem resident and CCCG participant Jordan, who’s doing some coverage of Heroes for The Pulse, will likely have some far more substantive reporting on today’s goings on–he mentioned attending the Ghost Rider panel as well as the Paul Hornschemeier panel that went on toda, so keep your eyes on the internets.


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  1. Ebony Looney says:

    Ben, thanks for the awesome sketch!! Love it!!! You are so cool. :)

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