More on the “Get Fuzzy” Marijuana-themed Strips


I noted last week a curious absence of protest about a current story arc in the comic strip Get Fuzzy in which Bucky Katt’s presidential campaign slogans are all–supposedly inadvertently–pro marijuana slogans. A bit of over-the-weekend Googling, though, has brought to light some interesting tidbits.

First and foremost, the storyline appears to have just been totally dropped by the cartoonist as of this week. Today’s strip reverts back to an earlier storyline about Bucky wanting a cell phone.

Secondly, it appears that the lack of brouhaha about the storyline may be due in part to papers pulling the offending strips, thus never giving the public a chance to react. MetaDC notes that the Washington Post put the strip into reruns rather than run the story arc. (The Post?! C’mon–I thought that was one ah them lib’ral papers!)

The comics curmudgeon made a passing reference to the storyline as well on Friday.

Blogger (and fellow philosophy major) Shawn Klein notes that the strips were pulled by The Arizona Republic and then, via a quick call to a family member, adds The Boston Globe to the list of buzz-kill papers. Duuuuude!

I subscribe only to the Sunday edition of my local paper, The Winston-Salem Journal, so I have no idea if they’ve been running the strips. I put in a call to a friend who works at the paper, though, and if I hear back from him, I’ll update. (And to anyone reading this, please feel free to chime in via comments about whether your local paper has been running the strips.)

Back to the web… The pot-related blog Yamagoo appears to have been tracking last week’s strips with some glee. Good luck with this site’s bizarre navigation, though–maybe you gotta be high to understand it. Down below that, on the first page of Google hits, is my first post on this subject from last week. If this blog is appearing on the first page of Google, you know nobody’s writing about it. All in all, the internets seem largely devoid of mention of the strips, leading me to speculate that perhaps the strips were pulled from a majority of the papers that carry Get Fuzzy and that largely only the folks who read the strip online got wind of them (so to speak). The other possibility I guess is that the strips have indeed been running, but that no one is really kavetching about it. I consider this highly unlikely, but I’d certainly love to be proven wrong on that count. (I’m neither a pot head nor a gung ho marijuana activist, but I’d really like to think that people have better things to get worked up about these days.)


  1. andrew says:

    This didn’t really fit in with the post I wrote at MetaDC (and that you link to here), but since you seem interested in the topic:
    The Washington Post actually chose to fill the missing strips with reruns of the storyline in which, should you remember it, Rob brews his own beer using a home-brew kit. Making your own alcohol is fine for the family-friendly comics page, but “accidental” references to marijuana are not… Curious, no?

  2. Charles Jackson says:

    Pot is illegal. Beer isn’t, for adults at least, and Rob is nominally one. Not curious at all.

  3. Ben says:

    “Pot is illegal. Beer isn’t”

    But a drawing of a cartoon cat carrying a sign with the word “pot” on it is not illegal.

    I think what makes it “curious” is that they (the syndicate, presumably) chose to run replacement strips that that involved a drug (alcohol) at all, rather than something else.

  4. Yamagoo says:

    Hey thanks for the link-y-goodness! Our navigation is “exploratory” in its nature. That’s Yamagoo for I suck at XML!
    On the topic though we found it intriguing that newspapers nationwide could censor what is arguably the most widely read strip in print because of some rather benign marijuana references and no one cared or noticed. If I was Darby Conley I’d be a little peeved.

    Anyway we noticed…and brought it to the attention of our undoubtedly sympathetic readers (all 5 of them! Ahem..) and we’re considering a serious Bucky Katt for President campaign. Look for buttons, and a way to contribute, along with an improved navigation set up (ahem) soon. Yamagoo…Fire UP!

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