“Bucky Katt is on Pot”

People these days have a tendency to get irrationally worked up about anything in the comics page of the paper that’s not totally innocuous. Just last week, for example, somebody had written their local paper about a Zits strip that had Jeremy doing the old mentos in the diet coke bit that’s been making the rounds on “the internets” these days. Apparently the writer had never heard of this and thought that Jeremy was shown throwing an actual bomb into the teachers’ lounge, and that the strip was making light of school violence. WON’T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?! I can only imagine what this person might have thought of Jiggs and Maggie, or Andy Capp and Flo (although, admittedly, their weaponry was somewhat lower tech).

At any rate, this hypersensitivty is pretty typical of your average suburban newspaper comics reader, which is what makes it so incredibly baffling to me that no one’s even raised an eyebrow (as far as I can tell) about this week’s story arc on Get Fuzzy. On maybe Tuesday or so, Bucky Katt declared that he was running for president, and began debuting campaign slogans to Rob and Satchel. The running gag is that all of the slogans–supposedly unintentionally on the part of Bucky–are obvious pro-marijuana slogans. Here are a few:





  1. Tim says:

    Comics are designed to speak or say what it is that may be on everyones mind, but never openly talked about.They poke fun at aspects of our cultue to provoke thought. Nobody bats an eye when television shows and/or commercials make references to ‘getting high’ or being trashed. Take “That 70’s Show ” for instance. They don’t hesitate in giving the impression that everyone seated around the table has just ‘blown one ‘ and their reaction still garner the best laughs. No one bellyaches about it. Face it..todays society has a lot more of a relaxed view on marijuanna and aside from the cronies and ol’ fogies who still push the belief that smoking dope will make you” kill your mother’ or ‘steal the car”…there are far more of us out here who know better.Those who cringe when a cartoonists depicts..even in a light-hearted manner…the introductiion to ‘dope’ or the doing of such..should put the paper down and ask themselves…am I so perfect that I should label this guy (the cartoonist ) an advocate for what or who he/she writes or draws about??..NO..NO..NO..remeber that we still live in a society where a persons opinions are just that..opinions. I salute the guy for putting at issue a subject few wanna tackle for fear of losing their hold on what is comfortable and safe. If a comic sometimes leaves a ‘bad taste’ in your mouth..don’t read it..if a television show depicts a topic you don’tfind favor with ..change the channel. It’s your choice in what to watch or what to read..but don’t take it out on someone for putting the topic to the people….that’s their job..it’s what they do.
    I’m an aspiring cartoonist myself and albeit not professional..I admire the man for being bold enough to put it out there. It’s our choice on how we percieve and react to it.
    If it pisses you off….too bad.

  2. Ben says:

    Thanks for your comment, Tim. I think you’re misreading my tone here, though. I thought the strips were hilarious! I don’t object to them in the least…

    My “won’t someone think about the children” bit is a reference to the minister’s wife, Maude Flanders, on THE SIMPSONS–exactly the sort of person would get all worked up about something like this.

    Perhaps my tone was vague, but you should maybe slow down and re-read the post thorourghly (and the one following it: http://www.benzilla.com/?p=612 ) before you accuse me of such prudery, especially in such a hostile manner (although, perhaps now I’m misreading YOUR tone?).

  3. Izabela says:

    ext-HEMP-oraneous ramblings without thorough reading do tend to HOP off the page in an irksome way, but what ya GANJA do about it? It’s not CHRONIC. I think I’ll start reading GET FUZZY now. . .good STUFF.
    It’s certainly nothing new to comics, though, right?

  4. Kathi says:


    The other day, hubby and I were discussing who to vote for. I nominated Bloom County’s Bill the Cat (who’s run well in previous elections) — who can forget the slogan, “America’s Ill but so is Bill!”

    But Ken, in his wisdom, spoke up on behalf of Bucky Katt … he’ll be a great Prez indeed!

  5. Bailey says:

    The whole idea of the “Bucky Katt is on pot” thing is to be funny. Bucky has a small knowledge of word work and it is simply funny how he says something but it sounds like somthing completly diffrent. Here, he takes the “Chicken in every pot” slogan and says as though he is keeping that slogan for him, but it sounds like he’s on pot.

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