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Microsoft to use comics in antipiracy campaign | CNET News.com

From the article:

Dubbed “Genuine Fact Files,” the campaign is now launching in the U.S. It went online last month in Italy, France, the U.K., Indonesia, Brazil, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. Microsoft plans to draw attention to it through banner ads on its Web sites and promotional material that it will hand out through partners. By using comics, the company aims to make the message more accessible to a broader audience. They are black and white, in a style similar to newspaper comics.

While this may seem dopey at first glance, It’s nice to see that people understand the potential effectiveness of the comics art form to convey important information–although who knows what the euphemism “broader audience” is supposed to mean; it’s kinda got that “differently abled” vibe to it.  That being said, I’m far more likely to wind up with a shiny new Microsoft comic book this year than Windows XP, since my ancient computer would likely grind to a smoking ruin trying to run it, given the OS’s hardware requirements.

Actually, the comic that Microsoft did to promote Office 2007 is very nicely drawn.  You can view it at EnchantedOffice.com.  “Oh my God, they killed Clippy!”  Classic.  You can even see the mangled, bleeding form of Clippy, the annoying anthromorphized paperclip/pre-Office 23007 MS Office assistant in the background.

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