Last Two “Oyster Tour” Appearances… and Commissions!

Oyster Tour Final Appearances

The Oyster Tour is winding down! It’s been great fun, but I’m looking forward to being done with travelling and holing up in my studio here to work on In the Weeds.  I do, though, have two more appearances before things wrap up:

Heroes Con – Charlotte, NC – June 18th and 19th – I never miss this one! I don’t have my table information yet, nor info on the annual “Mega-Panel” I do with Craig Fischer yet, but when I do, I’ll update this page. Note that Heroes is a three-day (Friday-Sunday) show, but that I’ll only be there Saturday and Sunday.

Update – Here’s the info on this year’s Mega-Panel:

Creatures Imagined and Real

HeroesCon, Saturday, June 18, 4pm

For this year’s mega-panel, cartoonist Ben Towle and critic Craig Fischer corral a host of talented creators to discuss the improbable animals (fictional and real) that stomp and slither through our favorite comics. Craig begins by presiding over a chat with Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon about the elegant vampires, saddled bears, and Lovecraftian monsters they introduced to the Mignolaverse flagship title B.P.R.D. Then Ben presents the preliminary work he’s done on his future graphic novel In the Weeds—and why he’s chosen to draw his central characters as badgers, rhinos, bears, and other animals. Finally, librarian and Women Write About Comics contributor Jennie Law leads three world-class dinosaur artists—Dustin Harbin, Budd Root, and William Stout—through a talk about the challenges and joys of drawing giant reptiles.

Update – I’ve received my table location. I’ll be in artists’ alley, table AA-34. That’s dead center of the hall, all the way on the back wall behind Indie Island. Here’s a map:


Comic-Con International: San Diego – San Diego, CA – July 22 & 23 – AKA “San Diego Comic-Con.” Yep, the big one! I’ll be there mainly to attend the Eisner Awards ceremony, but I will be signing at the Oni Press booth as well. Again, I don’t have info yet on Oni’s booth location or my signing schedule, but I’ll update this page as I get that information. I’ll be there just Friday and Saturday.

Update: I’ll be signing copies of Oyster War at the Oni Press booth (1833) from 4:30 – 5:30 Friday.


If you’re interested in a commission to be picked up at either of these shows, get in touch with me at benzilla@benzilla.com or tweet at me at @ben_towle. Here’re a handful of pieces, just to give you an idea of size and cost. All are done on either 2 ply Strathmore Bristol board (for just pen and ink stuff) or good quality watercolor paper (for ink with sepia wash). These are mostly superhero characters, but I’m up for almost anything as far as subject matter goes. Just let me know what you’re after.

Single characters with or without sepia wash (7″x 4″ish) – $50:

Two characters with or without sepia wash or single character with color (8″ x 8″ish) – $85:

Large images, multiple characters, complex scenes, etc. (10″ x 15″ish) – Contact me about price. These were all between $175 and $350:

You want some original art. You know you do! Gimme a shout.

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