Marvel’s 25th Anniversary, 20/20, and Jim Shooter in the Letters Page

I’ve been reading Michael Golden’s great 80’s Marvel Vietnam War comic, The ‘Nam–something I should really devote a whole blog post to when I’m done–and I’ve been fortunate enough to get a hold of the actual issues, rather than the collected edition. In addition to having the original coloring, the issues also obviously include non-story material like ads and the letters page. The second issue (cover dated January, 1987) contains this fairly interesting notice from Jim Shooter in the letters page–click through for a bigger version:


I was surprised to see the term “co-creator” used so matter-of-factly here… and kind of surprised to see this subject addressed at all, as there’s a long history, even in 1987, of articles and other puff pieces on Marvel that either implicitly or directly claim that Stan Lee “created” the characters that he in fact co-created with folks like Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko.  You can still find the 20/20 segment on Marvel’s 25th anniversary that Shooter is addressing:

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