Think of a City

Here’s my contribution to the wonderful Think of a City collaborative project.


The idea behind the project is that each artist participating draws a cityscape or scene that takes place in a city with his or her contribution containing one drawn element and one color from the previous artist’s submission. There’s some pretty amazing artwork already up on the tumblr. Be sure to click back to the beginning–and keep an eye on it for future submissions every two weeks or so.

If you read my webcomic, Oyster War, you will no doubt recognize this particular city as Blood’s Haven. I thought this project would be a good opportunity to put together a big overall drawing of the city that I could maybe use as endpapers for a print edition of the book. The section you see here is the only portion I colored for Think of a City, but this is only the left half of the actual drawing. I have to admit, I had no overall map of Blood’s Haven in mind when drawing Oyster War, so I had to “reverse engineer” this drawing from the story. I had to flub a few things here and there, but it worked out OK. Maybe at some point when I finish the whole drawing I can post an annotated version that shows what locations correspond to what pages/panels in the story.

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