WFDD T-Shirt Design

Shirt_Design_on_Red_Shirt_0I don’t usually do “freebie” work, but when our local NPR station asked me for a t-shirt design, I was glad to oblige. I’m a regular listener and an on-and-off member (mainly depending on whether I manage to remember to let them know my most recent credit card number for my monthly contribution) so I was glad to help out.

I initially came up with several ideas that I thought were absolutely brilliant… until I did a Google search for “NPR calendar” and realized that they were fairly obvious ideas that had already been executed by illustrators much better than I. I did, though, manage to fold a few personal “easter eggs” into this design, including a few book references and a car from my absolute favorite recent newspaper comic, Cul de Sac.

WFDD’s campaign is going on until Friday. Contribute here. Fifteen bucks a month gets you a cool t-shirt!

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