Commissions: Fantastic Four, MODOK



MODOK-sepiaWhen it rains, it pours! I’m swimming in commissions these days… and I sure ain’t complaining about it. Here are some I just finished up today: The Fantastic Four and everyone’s favorite mental organism, MODOK. I had a lot of fun with the FF one in particular. They were one of my faves back when I was reading a ton of Marvel superhero books. If, like me, you grew up reading comics in the 1980s, you’ll recognize the distinctive bunching up/tucking in of their costumes into their boots and gloves that was a hallmark of John Byrne’s run on the book in that era.

And, for the record, I dig MODOK as well.. but I get to draw him a lot; he’s a popular request, especially at cons.

(If you’re interested in commissioning artwork, you can contact me at the email address up in the nav bar or tweet me up at @ben_towle.)


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