Sketchbook 9/1

I’ve been doing some drawing in ballpoint pen lately. Here are a few of them–fantasy beasts drawn with a black Bic ballpoint pen. The very last one (the cat with the wavy hair) is in pencil, but also a recent fantasy beast.  I really dig the ballpoint cat/mount  in the upper right. I’m slated to be in a future issue of Cartozia Tales; maybe that’s a good spot to try to use him/her for something?

Speaking of Cartozia Tales… If you aren’t familiar with the book, I really recommend you check it out. It’s an amazing concept–an all ages map-based fantasy anthology–and it’s in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign right now. In addition to full subscriptions to the series, there’s a ton of great additional rewards. Check it out: http://kck.st/16S57WQ






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