Prophet Fan Art





Hand drawn, inked with Pentel brush pen and Micron. Colored in Manga Studio EX5. I tried to do a bit of “digital aging” on it via Photoshop, but I like the original better.

I upgraded to Manga Studio EX5 this weekend and spent some time fooling around with its coloring tools–and I was pretty blown away by them. There’re some really amazing coloring features that made coloring significantly faster than Photoshop. Specifically: you can set your line art layer as a “reference layer” and then link it to the bucket tool. What this means is that you don’t have to do any layer to layer switching. You can be working on your coloring layer, but the bucket is basing its fill area on the line art layer. Also, the bucket fill tool has a “close gaps” setting that can compensate for line art that’s not closed. It also has a feature that will automatically expand the fill beneath the line art, eliminating the need for the select/expand/fill/deselect Photoshop action I’d have had to employ had I been using Photoshop.

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