Manga Studio Drawings: Storm & Neil Gaiman




Here’re a couple of recent drawings, neither of which I’m 100% happy with… but both were good Manga Studio practice.

Storm was hand-drawn in my sketchbook, then inked in Manga Studio, and finally colored in Photoshop. You may recognize her costume there as being from the recent Brian Wood/Oliver Coipel X-Men series. I’ve not followed a superhero series in ages, but that one came highly recommended–and indeed the first few issues have been a lot of fun.

The Gaiman sketch was hand-drawn, then inked and colored in Manga Studio. While not a great likeness, it at least gave me some good practice coloring in MS. I’ll probably have to continue to use Photoshop as long as I’m teaching a Digital Coloring and Lettering class, but for my personal work, I’m hoping to switch to coloring in EX5.

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