Y is for Yang Xiong

Y is for Yang Xiong — from Water Margin by Shi Nai’an

Well, I had to once again break my self-imposed rule of doing only characters from books I’ve actually read. And, again, I could have easily avoided this with a bit of advance planning. Ygritte from The Song of Ice and Fire series would have been a great “Y”, but I already did Brienne from that same series for my “B”.

Anyway, this fellow is Yang Xiong from Water Margin, a 14th century Chinese novel that’s considered to be one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature. In the story Yang Xiong winds up killing his adulterous wife, which is why I have him wielding a knife–but also why I tried to give him a somewhat pained expression.

According to Wikipedia, “The Water Margin describes Yang Xiong as a good looking man with flowery tattoos all over his body. He has thick eyebrows, eyes like those of a phoenix and a few strands of beard on his chin. ” I forgot the beard–sorry!

I’ve clothed him here in a traditional Han Chinese Shenyi:

Next week: the very last of the series, “Z”…

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