X is for Xavier Desmond

X is for Xavier Desmond – from Wild Cards by George R. R. Martin

Well, this is for sure one of my least favorite AlphaBooks illos. First off, I don’t really like the drawing very much. My wife was out of town this past weekend and the extra child-wrangling took a lot of my sketching time that I might have used for a second draft of this one. Additionally, in order to get an “X” subject, I wound up breaking my self-imposed rule of using only characters from books I’ve actually read.  I foolishly used up Harry Potter as a source with Luna Lovegood; I should have held out and done her father, Xeno Lovegood, for “X.”

Anyway… Wild Cards is one of those “shared universe” projects were different writers write short stories that take place in the same fictional universe.  You can read about it here. It’s set in an alternate post-WWII U.S. where an alien virus causes some of the people it infects to mutate–as with Xavier here who winds up sprouting an elephant-like trunk with a seven-fingered hand at the end of it.

Next week: “Y”…

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