Iron Man MK1 Armor

Here’s a quick pinup I did of the first version of Iron Man’s armor. There’s something really appealing about this clunky, gray “bullet head” version of Iron Man, I think. It has a visual sense of weight and menace that the later versions lack. As you can see I’m still experimenting with trying spotting blacks. I’ll do a dedicated post about my efforts in that department at some point in the future.

Here’s my pinup and the armor as it originally appeared in Marvel’s Tales of Suspense:

My image was drawn in pencil, inked in Digital Manga Studio, colored in Photoshop.


  1. Chris Rubenstahl says:

    Nice! Iron Man has always been my favorite character, long before his current popularity. Nice version of the clunky Mk. 1 armor, and it’s been great having you as an instructor, too!

  2. Ben says:

    @Chris – I dig the old MK1 “bullet head” outfit as well. I had a bunch of old silver age Iron Man Tales of Suspense books, but I traded them–perhaps foolishly–for some Bernie Wrightson Swamp Thing issues I was missing.

    And great having you in class, as usual!

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