Alphabet Press – At SPX 2012!

As you may know if you follow me on Twitter, I’ll be attending SPX 2012 this year, as I have pretty much every other year since about 2000 or so.  What’s different this year, though, is that I won’t be attending as a solo cartoonist, but as part of the collective Alphabet Press table–a big six foot table selling minis, posters, and prints from lots of different folks (including me!) who’ve participated in the various alphabet-themed online projects like Animal Alphabet, AlphaBeasts, and Alphabooks.

Where? You can find the Alphabet Press at table G13, slightly to the left as you first walk onto the SPX floor:

Just look for the Alphabet Press poster (shown above) and our alphabet-themed tablecloth:

What are we selling? Well, it wouldn’t be SPX if people weren’t up late in the wee hours before the show, frantically stapling books together, but… here’s a quick run-down of some of the great stuff that I know will be at our table as of today (9/11). I’ll update as I get more information.

Andrew Neal

Journal of Jerks
Black & White int./wrap-around color cover
24 pages

An Alphabeasts collection from Andrew Neal.

Joey Weiser

Black & White
28 pages

Kaijuphabet is a collection of alphabetical illustrations of Japanese movie monsters originally created for the online drawing project, AlphaBeasts. This mini will help you learn your ABC’s while preparing you to identify the next rubbery behemoth to rise from the ocean and destroy your city!

Christian Sager

AlphaBeasts Prints:
8.5″ x 11″ prints in clear plastic sleeves. $5.00
Including: Adventure Time themed Gelatinous Cube, Vashta Nerada from Doctor Who, Zazu from James Stokoe’s ORC STAIN, a black metal homage to Norman Rockwell with the anti-Santa Krampus and a PROMETHEUS themed Quintesson from Transformers.
Alphabooks Original Portraits:
Mostly 5″ x 5″ original watercolors and ink. $10.00
Including characters like: Avril Incandenza from Infinite Jest, Charlie McGee from Firestarter, Don Gately from Infinite Jest, Francis Wayland Thurston from “The Call of Cthulhu,” Sir Guy Grand from The Magic Christian, Ig Parrish from Horns, Judas Coyne from Heart-Shaped Box, Lyra Belacqua from The Golden Compass, Mario Incandenza from Infinite Jest, Captain Nemo from  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and more!

Ben Towle

AlphaBeasts: An A-Z Dungeons & Dragons Bestiary
28 pages
Black and White int./color cover
Containing all 26 original illustrations from the online AlphaBeasts project. 28 pages of old school Dungeons & Dragons monsters–one for every letter of the alphabet.

Animal Alphabet
28 pages
Full color int./color cover
26 India Ink and watercolor animal illustrations of animals A-Z, from Alpaca to Zebu. This 28pg minicomic collects all 26 contributions to the online Animal Alphabet project.


Casey Girard

Animal Alphabet prints
Full color

Casey has a full alphabet’s-worth of animal letters available as prints. They’re full-color and you can see the whole range of them in the poster listed next…

Animal Alphabet posters
Full color

These are beautiful. Click through for a bigger image.

Skyward Sword Creatures: A-Z Zelda fan art minis
Black & white int./black & white covers

Henry Eudy

Various Alpha-project prints

Henry will have 6×6 prints of his Oroboros, Scrooge McDuck and Xenomorph Alphabeasts illustrations as well as a 6×9 print of his Gonzo Weirdo Alphabeast entry.


Henry will have various originals from the alpha-projects. I own one of his originals and can attest that they look great hanging on a wall. Here’s mine:

Isaac Cates

An Alphabet That’s Fun to Draw w/ Abecedary poem by Michael Wenthe (bundle)

Animal Alphabet postcard sets
$9.00/set… BUT: $1 off for every Alphabet Press author you buy from at the same time!

To make these amazing Animal Alphabet postcard sets, Issac selected some of the best artwork from many different contributors to the original Animal Alphabet project and put the whole project on Kickstarter. The original project goal was a modest $750.00, but it completed successfully with many times that: $3384.00. Isaac’s using all that extra cash to make these really top-notch production-wise: high quality glossy stock, beautifully-designed belly bands, etc.

The printing on everything won’t be done until right before the show, but here you can see some bonus stickers, the belly band designs, and the uncut proofs for the cards:

Rich Barrett

AlphaBeasts postcards
26 Full color cards

Animal Alphabet flashcards
Black w/graytones

All 26 of Rich Barrett’s Animal Alphabet illustrations–one to a page and bound together with a metal clip ring.

Sam Wolk

Animal Alphabet
Full color int.
4.25″ x 3.667″

Alpha Beasts
Black & white int.
4.25″ x 5.5″

See you at SPX this weekend!

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