PR Round-up!

I haven’t done a PR round-up in a while because… well, because I haven’t had a book out for anyone to write about in forever. But there’ve been a few recent write-ups about my work in the last week or so. Here they are:

First, blogger/comics-er/all around nice guy Shannon Smith is counting down some of his favorite comics from 2011 and Oyster War is among them. Read the whole article at his blog, File Under Other.

Second: Panel Patter. While Rob McMonigal doesn’t make comics, he’s also a blogger and all around nice guy. He’s been doing a really great, extensive pre-SPX series over at his blog Panel Patter. You can find all the features under the “spx spotlight” tag, and the article on me here.

Third, speaking of SPX…. Over on the official SPX website, you can find a list of all of the books debuting at the show this year–including write-ups on my Animal Alphabet and AlphaBeasts minis that I’ll have at the show.

I’ll do a full blog post about SPX and the Alphabet Press table (which I’ll be manning, along with some other Alphabet project folks) soon…

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