Merida from Brave, done Popeye/E.C. Segar-Style

I recently saw Brave and absolutely loved it… but was mystified by the lackluster reviews of it I read after seeing it. I’m going to write a post with some of my thoughts about this discrepancy between how good I thought the film was and the critical reaction to it, but I just haven’t had a whole lot of time for writing. I did, though, do this little illustration for the post and I thought I’d go ahead and post it here, since who knows when I’ll get around to writing that post:

That version is digitally colored in Photoshop. I wanted to put the original up for sale, though, so I colored it with watercolors. Here’s that version:

I sent this out on Twitter last week and it sold within about half an hour so, sorry, it’s no longer available, but I hope you dig the drawings. Full post on Brave to come… eventually.

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