F is for Flay

It’s only by about a half an hour, but this unfortunately is my first genuinely late Alpha-illustration for any of the three Alphabet projects I’ve been involved with. Chalk it up to how amazingly busy this Heroes Con was! But, anyway….

F is for Flay – From the the Gormenghast novels by Mervyn Peake

I have to admit, I didn’t make it all the way through Titus Groan, the first novel of the Gormenghast series. That’s largely my fault, not the book’s. I just wasn’t in the mood for a slow-moving gothic fantasy when I happened to pick up Titus Groan. The two thirds or so of it that I did read, though, I found interesting enough to at least put on my “come back to” list.

This character is Flay, assistant of Lord Sepulchrave, Earl of the castle Gormenghast. He’s described in the book as being somewhat vulture-like, and there’s a lot of description of his “slow march” walking–which is what I’ve tried to capture him doing here.

Next week: “G”…

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