Heroes Con 2012!

“Heroes Caaaaaaahhhhhnnnnn!”

Heroes Con ’12 is right around the corner, so here’s some basic info on what’s going on vis-à-vis yours truly:

Where Will I Be?

I’ll be seated in “Indie Island” at table AA-544. Here’s a quick map of the 500 section of Indie Island with my table marked, as well as the tables of some of the Heroes Con “regulars” that I’m pals with. (There are plenty of other great people nearby as well–I just don’t know them personally!):

The 400 section of Indie Island has some pretty great folks also, but rather than reinventing the wheel, I’ll just direct you to Chris Schweizer‘s dubiously-named “Best Block” map (how it could be the “best” without me escapes me):

What Comics Will I Be Selling?

Well, this will be yet another year where I’m wracked with guilt for having pretty much nothing new to show for myself comics-wise from the past year. I’ve been spending the bulk of my time working on regular updates to Oyster War and doing the various weekly “Alpha” projects (and teaching at SCAD, and doing freelance work, and taking care of my four year-old daughter, yadda yadda yadda…).

Of my older stuff, Midnight Sun is apparently out of print, so I won’t have any copies of that. I believe I have a very few copies remaining of my first book, Farewell, Georgia, though. And, of course, I’ll have plenty of copies of Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I’ll have a few copies of Strikes, the minicomic written by Bret Parks that I illustrated. They’re $3.00 each.

How About Original Art?

Yes, I’ll have a lot of original art for sale. I should have pages available from pretty much all my books, plus assorted pages from anthology pieces, freelance illustrations, etc. I generally sell my originals at conventions for less than I do online since I don’t have to fool with postage, packing, and mailing. If you’re interested in one of my original pages, Heroes is a great place to pick one up! If you have a particular page you’re interested in, please email me beforehand–even if it’s just one you want to take a peek at for fun.

I’ll also have original drawings and paintings from some of the past “Alpha” projects. I usually round these down to $10.00 so I don’t have to deal with making change. My supplies of AnimalAlphabet watercolors are dwindling, but I’ve got a fair number of Dungeons and Dragons AlphaBeasts originals available. I predict they’ll go quickly, though; I’m selling these originals for less than a lot of folks sell prints.

Am I Doing Commissions/Sketchbook Drawings?

Yes! I’m not, though, taking commission requests to be picked up at the show. I’m just too bogged down with prepping for the show right now. Definitely do, though, come talk to me at my table if you want to commission something at the show. If it’s something big or elaborate, I’ll likely want to do it after the show and mail it to you, but I’ll do smaller commissions at the show. If you have something very specific in mind, please remember to bring reference.

My most popular commissions are these little superhero pinups that I do for $10. I have the old Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe and Who’s Who of the DC Universe on my phone, but if you want something more modern, please bring reference:

I do sketchbook drawings for about the same price–and will do them free usually if you buy a book from me.

Am I Participating In Any Panels?

I’m only doing one panel this year… but it’s our usual “mega-panel.” Here’s the skinny:

Echoes of ‘82–This year, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Heroes Con, cartoonist Ben Towle and blogger Craig Fischer turn their attention to 1982, and ask: What are the comics, and comics events, from 30 years ago that continue to influence comics culture today? Ben and Craig zero in on three—Destroyer Duck #1, Love and Rockets #1, and the demise of Warren Publications early in 1982—and they’ve asked an all-star roster of creators (Jaime Hernandez, Louise Simonson) and commentators (Stergios Botzakis, Toney Frazier, Heidi MacDonald, Andrew Mansell) to join them in discussing these and other comics. We’ll also beam in some off-site commentary from Kirby experts Steve Bissette, Geoff Grogan, Charles Hatfield, John Morrow and James Sturm. With a lineup like that, how can you resist pulling on your leg warmers and joining us for the fun?

That’s held Saturday afternoon at 2:00pm in room 209. Be there!

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