Monday: AlphaBooks!

On the off chance that you missed it on Twitter, this coming week begins our newest group alphabet project, AlphaBooks. This go ’round there’s a slightly different submission procedure, so be sure to pop on over to the official AlphaBooks tumblr to get up to speed. I’ll be posting my completed images to Twitter with the #AlphaBooks hashtag, as well as to this blog and my personal tumblr.

Even though it’s now Friday, I’ve got to confess I don’t really have a plan for this project. In the past, I’ve done these projects with an eye toward eventually compiling the images as a mini-comic and also toward selling the originals. Doing that, though, is a bit restrictive because it calls for uniformity of media and original. I’m still on the fence a bit, but I’m thinking I may just ditch that whole approach and just play and have fun–more along the lines of what I did with my year-long Portrait Night project. Also, I’m thinking that AlphaBooks might be a good opportunity to get familiar with digital inking with Manga Studio, which I recently purchased. We’ll see…


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