From The Sketchbook: Jack White

The new Jack White record is pretty great and I’ve been listening to it (and the new Spiritualized) pretty much non-stop for the last week or so. Just ’cause I had Jack White on the brain, I whipped up a quick illo of him in my sketchbook. It’s not a great likeness, but I do like the pose.

Aside from one recent freelance storyboard job, I’d never attempted digital inking. On a whim, though, I recently purchased Manga Studio and had a go inking with it here. The UI of Manga Studio is pretty dated-looking (maybe it’s better on a Mac?) but the tools seemed to me to be much, much closer than the ones in Photoshop to the feel of physical inking tools. Anyway, Jack White:


  1. Paul says:

    Cool illo! And ditto on liking the new JW album–it’s been pretty much on a loop for the past week.

  2. Ben says:

    @Paul – Thanks! Yeah, I’ve been a casual–but not fanatical–follower of The White Stripes, but this record is something else entirely…

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