An AlphaBeasts Farewell

Yep, that’s right–my Monster Manuals, Fiend Folio, etc. have all been put back on the shelf… because, as of yesterday, I’ve now completed all 26 letters of the AlphaBeasts project. The project was a real blast start to finish and I’m surely going to miss my regular Friday late-night ritual of rifling through my old TSR books to select a beast to work on throughout the weekend. More than that, though, I’m going to miss seeing the amazing array of creatures that start streaming out via Twitter and Google+ in the wee hours of Monday morning.

I’m hard-pressed to narrow down a few samples of the most impressive complete alphabets from participants, but here are just a few off the top of my head: I loved this elegantly drawn and whimsical alphabet from Amalgamated Biscuit.  Project captain and tumblr-er extraordinaire Andrew Neal wound up with a really great-looking gray-toned/screen-toned alphabet. Caitlin Lehman‘s stuff is just mind-blowing. Christian Sager‘s alphabet really stood out to me as far as breadth and depth of concept goes. EC Steiner‘s work is absolutely gorgeous. Henry Eudy‘s alphabet displays both his amazing sense color and of humor. In addition to some pretty great drawings, Isaac Cates‘s blog posts for each entry were a highlight of the project. Joey Weiser turned in one of the best themed sets of the project. Jonathan Rosenbaum‘s drawings were both beautifully-drawn and often hilarious. Kelly Williams‘s combination of beautiful line-work, ink wash, and spot color was something I looked forward to every Monday. Leah Palmer Preiss produced a beautiful themed set of beasts incorporating found snippets of vintage books, magazines, and newspapers. Lupi McGinty’s watercolors were beautiful–and with her kid, AZ, thrown into the mix, they’d often turn in three or four beasts per letter. Sam Wolk’s beasts were always impressive, often showing off some amazing hatching technique.

I could go on picking out alphabets that I like for a while–and there are some pretty impressive nearly-complete ones that’ll likely get wrapped up soon, like Rich Barret’s–but it’d be easier for you to just go to the AlphaBeasts tumblr and check it out for yourself:


My Beasts:

I decided to take all of my beasts from a single source: Dungeons & Dragons. In retrospect, I think this was probably not a great idea, since for each beast I basically just wound up doing my own “rewrite” of the single published D&D image for each creature. As a whole, though, they’re not a bad-looking bunch of creatures. Here’s a full picassa gallery of them A-Z:

(Click through the image for the full gallery)

Note that there are still some good originals for sale at my web store. $12.00 cheap!

And, of course, stay tuned for AlphaBooks…. coming soon!