Z is for Zorbo

Clearly this creature didn’t make the saving throw vs. “butt-cut.” I actually didn’t have much choice for my final AlphaBeast: there’s only one non-sentient, non-zombie (I’d also exclude zombies for being humanoid/sentient) Dungeons & Dragons “Z” creature in either Monster Manual or the Fiend Folio that has an illustration… so zorbo it was.

I’m a bit happier here with my spot black experimentation–although the true test of getting used to spotting blacks will be doing so without any sort of a mid-tone/gray in the mix. Once you get a lot of spot black going on, it conflicts visually with gray-tones since both are indicating shadows. Anyhoo… my very last AlphaBeast:

Z is for Zorbo

The original art for this is for sale here.


You can follow the other “Z” entries as people post them to Twitter this morning by following the #AlphaBeasts hashtag. View all previous AlphaBeasts entries at the AlphaBeasts Tumblr: http://alphabeasts.tumblr.com/. You can also find some submission guidelines there, as well as links to bestiaries and lists of creatures.


  1. Lupi says:

    That looks great!

  2. Ben says:

    Thanks, Lupi. It’s been really great seeing all of your (and AZ’s) great drawings during this project!

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