W is for Wyvern

From the original Monster Manual

W is for Wyvern

The original art for this is for sale here.


You can follow the other “W” entries as people post them to Twitter this morning by following the #AlphaBeasts hashtag. View all previous AlphaBeasts entries at the AlphaBeasts Tumblr: http://alphabeasts.tumblr.com/. You can also find some submission guidelines there, as well as links to bestiaries and lists of creatures.


  1. James says:

    It is at least 10 years since I have been reminded of the existence of the Monster Manual and now
    a) I have found my (dusty) dusty copy and had a good look and
    b) regressed back almost 30 years
    c) bought a Wyvern to hang on my office all.

    Bravo on all counts. Of course whether I now get out my Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden and perhaps more often-played Hawkwind albums to full transport back to the days in the 80’s playing D+D is another thing.

    Great Stuff, and somehow making it charmingly menacing.

  2. Ben says:

    @James – I’m glad the Wyvern has a good home! I’ve really enjoyed rooting through my old dusty D&D books for this project as well. The last time I actually played was my sophomore year in college when a hurricane took out power in our dorm and a bunch of friends (including my then-girlfriend/now-wife) decided we’d play D&D by candle-light for some reason. Hawkwind, on the other hand, I have NEVER abandoned!

  3. James says:

    a girlfriend/wife that doesn’t think D+D is almost as shameful as porn. You are a luck guy! I have to wait until my wife and children have left the house before opening the box with the D+D stuff in them. And found Tegel Manor yesterday if you remember that one, a real treat.

    As for Hawkwind, they are just so great and so underrated.

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