Portrait Night 1/24 (Ben Towle)

Well, that’s all folks. It was one year ago that I set out to draw a portrait every Tuesday night for a full year. I thought it would be appropriate for my final entry to attempt a self-portrait, something I don’t think I’ve done since I was a college sophomore in the late 80s. I really don’t recommend it–I really don’t need to be this intimately reminded of all my weird moles, gradually receding hairline, etc.

Later this week, I’ll work up a more extensive “project summary” blog post with some post-completion reflections/observations and full a gallery of all the portraits, but here’s the final #PortraitNight subject: me.

I look super-cranky here, but I’m a nice guy, I promise! I was just irritated because I was having a hard time successfully taking a picture of myself in the bathroom mirror. How do those “duckface” women do it so successfully?

Here’s me in real life. Sorry about the scan-of-a-printout-of-pictures. I printed my photo reference and then deleted the pics from my camera.

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