O is for Osquip

There were a number of interesting “O” Dungeons & Dragons creature choices for this week’s AlphaBeasts, but once I crossed the osquip in the Fiend Folio my mind was made up. Partially I think it’s because he’s clearly the ancestor of the watery-beer-shilling “Spuds MacKenzie,” commercial icon of the 80s. The osquip is the original original party animal.Also, though, he looks a lot like the signature dogs drawn by one of my favorite New Yorker cartoonists,  George Booth:Anyhoo, here he is:

O is for Osquip

The original art for this is for sale here.


  1. Isaac says:

    I was really hoping you were going to draw an owlbear, but this guy is pretty hilarious. Gotta love those jaws.

  2. Ben says:

    @Isaac – The owlbear was a close second!

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