Portrait Night 12/27 (Margaret Thatcher)

As with last week’s #PortraitNight drawing, this one’s kinda lame. The holidays brouhaha is killing me, people! I promise: before I complete my year of weekly portraits, I’ll do at least one more that I can spend some time on and get a decent image from. In the meantime, here’s a quick Margaret Thatcher:

As a child of the 80s, my knowledge of Margaret Thatcher–and pretty much every polititan  from that period–was gained through listening to punk rock… YA HEAR THAT, ALEXANDER HAIG??!!!

If you’d like to suggest a #PortraitNight subject, you can do so either via the comments section here, or via my Twitter.


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  1. Isaac says:

    She’ll always make me think of Elvis Costello’s “Tramp the Dirt Down.”

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