Portrait Night 10/04 (David Yow)

Last week I finished up my Our Band Could Be Your Life-themed drawings, but right in the midst of that I received a portrait request that I had to shelve until now. Thematically, it fits in pretty well, though: David Yow of The Jesus Lizard. I may be misremembering–it was a while back–but I believe it was Christian Sager who put in the word for a David Yow drawing.

There’s a bit of nice synchronicity to this Yow drawing as well: Just a few days ago I managed to get a hold of a really nice-sounding recording of The Jesus Lizard’s never-released BBC Peel sessions, so I was listening to those while I drew this.

I saw The Jesus Lizard perform only once–opening for Helmet–but it was a truly amazing show. Also: David Yow had pulled one of his testicles through a hole in the crotch of his jeans, where it remained on display throughout the performance. So there was that.

If you’d like to suggest a #PortraitNight subject, you can do so either via the comments section here, or via my Twitter.

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