Heroes Con 2011 – Day 2

Saturday at Heroes Con was actually somewhat slower for me than the supposedly-slow Friday that precedes it. I think, though, that this is largely because I don’t have a new book for sale and have been selling primarily original art and commissioned sketches. Friday (not Saturday) seems to be the day that original art folk come to Heroes in order to beat the lines. I also spent the later portion of the day in a panel, which meant I lost a few potential drawing hours.

I did get a really fun commission pretty early in the day: characters from the film Legend. This is the second Legend drawing I’ve done for this particular person (it’s entirely possible the he and I are the only two people that really, really love Legend) but this one was a bit more elaborate than the previous single-character drawing I’d done for him:

I had to make up a bunch of stuff for this one; apparently there are no existing stills of any of the characters from Legend that include their legs/feet.

I did an Ambush Bug commission yesterday and bought an Ambush Bug issue from a dollar bin yesterday for reference. Since I had it floating around, I figured I go ahead and do a mini-pinup of the character:

‘Round about three in the afternoon I abandoned my table for our “mega panel”: Master of Screaming Metal: Tribute to Moebius. (My table was graciously held down by one of my SCAD students. Thanks!) I guess I’ll wait until online feedback starts trickling in… but, I thought the panel went really well. We showed the documentary Moebius Redux, which was really well-done, although it certainly shied away from addressing some of the more troubling aspects of the artist’s later career. The real star of the panel, though, was Geof Darrow who had a seemingly-limitless well of hilarious anecdotes about Moebius. My friend and co-conspirator Craig Fischer wrapped up the presentation with a really fascinating discussion that made me (and others I’d guess) question the conventional narrative about the division between Jean Giraud and “Moebius.”

I observed the art Heroes Con art auction intermittently and only caught bits and pieces of it. My Machine Man piece sold for something in the neighborhood of $125.00 and I think it maybe wound up with Chris Pitzer from Adhouse Books. I was amazed (in a good way!) to learn that Rich Barrett’s Emma Frost piece sold for $750. There were people telling me that the Adam Huges piece had broken all previous Heroes Con records and sold for $12,000.. but that’s just, you know, insane.

Having been absent from my table for a bit, I’ve now got a line-up of commissions for tomorrow that I’m really excited about: Nova, Godzilla, and Manhunter so far… Come see me at AA-544 if you want to commission a sketch, or just say Hi. I’ll be participating as well in an Historical Comics panel at 11 am along with Chris Schweizer, Don Rosa and Becky Cloonan.

I often have a hard time coming up with a good “concluding paragraph” for my posts, but how about if instead of that I give you this: cartoonist Patrick Dean displaying his hand-Sharpie-drawn “Garfield 4 Life/In Lasagne we Trust” tattoo? That is all.

Good night, y’all!

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