I’m TCAF-bound, Y’all!

You’re Going Where?!

That’s right, people: I’m breaking out of my crusty SPX/Heroes Con-only shell and exhibiting at a new (to me) convention this year! I’d heard nothing but fantastic stuff about the Toronto Comics Art Festival (AKA “TCAF”) and so I applied to exhibit this year… and was incredibly surprised and honored to have been selected for the show. So far, the show’s been impressively organized and on-the-ball–something some of its American counterparts could learn from <cough!><cough!>. For example, they’ve coordinated with Toronto’s National Post newspaper to do profile/questionnaires of many of the new exhibitors this year. Here’s mine:

On May 7 and 8, an eclectic roster of cartoonists, writers, illustrators, and artists will take over the Toronto Reference Library for the 2011 edition of the beloved Toronto Comic Arts Festival. For the past two years, the National Post has previewed TCAF by running dozens of Q&As with some of the talent attending the festival; this year, we wanted to spotlight those exhibiting at the festival for the very first time. What took them so long?

Q: Who are you? Why are you here?

A: I’m Ben Towle. I’ve come for your comics festivals!

Q: Why have you never been to TCAF before? What’s wrong with you!

A) I guess I’ve jus t been waiting for the proverbial “stars” to line up. I do a number of comics festivals each year and I had to find a good year to work TCAF into my schedule. I’d been hearing so many good things about TCAF that it had just reached a boiling point this year. I had to take the plunge. B) Lots of stuff. Don’t get me started about my lower back pain. (more here…)

Where’re You Gonna Be?

The TCAF folks just posted the floor-plan today. I’ll be on the first floor at table 129. Please come say Hi!

Click through for a bigger pic. That’s me in red there.

Also, I’ll be an “Artist-in-Residence” for TCAF: Kids from 12:00-1:00 in the afternoon on Saturday, helping out (hopefully!) aspiring young cartoonists.

What’re You Bringing?

Well, new for TCAF, I’ve got a ton of these 100% absolutely FREE Oyster War bookmarks:

I’ll leave a bunch at the free table (assuming there is one), but please do come by and pick a few up.

I’ll also have my usual wares: Amelia Earhart – This Broad Ocean, Midnight Sun, Snooker, and Farewell, Georgia. An interesting thing to note, though, is that this will be the Canadian convention debut for the Eisner-nominated Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean–a book which takes place entirely in Canada: first in Trepassey, Newfoundland, then later in Halifax. (Did I mention it’s nominated for an Eisner award? Just checking.) Also: unless there are some copies hiding in the corners of the SLG warehouse somewhere, I’m pretty sure the five copies I’ll have of Farewell, Georgia are the very last copies around. If you want one, you best get your behind to Canada ASAP!

I’m also bringing a bunch of original artwork for sale:

I’m not entirely sure this setup is going to work (I really should have gotten a six–rather than three–foot table), but hopefully I’ll be able to set up this original art display behind me at my table. I’ll basically have most of the stuff I’ve currently got for sale at my StoreEnvy, plus a bunch of original pages from Oyster War. As with conventions past, I’ll likely be cranking out $10 superhero mini-pinups as well–either pre-done or by request.

Come see me up north, people!

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