“Talking with Tim” Interview at CBR’s Robot 6

I recently did a really enjoyable interview with Tim O’Shea for his “Talking with Tim” feature over at ComicBookResources.com. As is my wont, I wound up flapping my trap overmuch and consequently what probably should have been a short “what are you working on” interview wound up being me rambling on about everything from TinTin and Christophe Blain to digital comics coloring to the current state of the publishing biz to Oyster War:

On any given week, reading Ben Towle’s Twitter feed or Oyster War Tumblr or his blog, I tend to take away some perspective of substance. And that’s what prompted me to do this email interview with him. Rather than explain what ground we tried to cover, I prefer to jump right into the interview, after thanking Towle for his time and thoughts. This interview was conducted prior to Towle’s Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean being nominated in the Eisner Best Publication for Kids category. (more…)

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