Animal Alphabet: A is for Alpaca

So, I’m doing yet another weekly Twitter project: the Animal Alphabet (hashtag #AnimalAlphabet). Rob Ullman and I brewed this up last week, but hopefully some other folks will join in. If the project winds up picking up any real steam in the form of regular contributors other than the two of us, I might set up a quick Tumblr for it, but either way I’ll be posting my drawings here to my blog. (I’m going to try to continue my Portrait Night project as well. Hopefully I can keep up with both.) Anyway, here’s my entry for “A.”

A is for Alpaca

Alpacas: truly the most “emo” among the animal kingdom.

The original art for this is for sale here.

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  1. Isaac says:

    That’s a great idea. I’m in. I hope I can keep up.

  1. Animal Alphabet: A is for Alligator! | WANDER LANE/ANDREW NEAL says:

    […] these two cartoonist dudes I know, Rob Ullman and Ben Towle, have started this Animal Alphabet thing where every Monday they post an animal starting with that […]

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