A Child’s Garden of Mini-Comics

My father’s in town for a visit and, as is his wont, he brought with him a giant cardboard box of stuff to pawn off on me. As usual, this box contained an assortment of “closet-clearing” items (old coats, clothes), new items that he bought but doesn’t want (the two-volume Lynd Ward set!), and some of my old childhood ephemera.

Among my childhood items were two early comics I did that I’d totally forgotten about. One is a lengthy MAD magazine-esque Star Wars parody that I’ll do a post about later when I have a bit more time. The other comic, though, is–for lack of a better word–a mini-comic. Judge for yourself:

I guess construction paper pages with duct tape binding wouldn’t really make for a “buzz book” at MoCCA, but it’s not a bad effort for a kid in the early 70s. I had a “cat fixation” at one point, so I’m guessing the name “Morris” is a reference to Morris the Cat, the venerable cat food huckster of the 1970s.

Allow me to wave my cane about, implore you to GET OFF MY LAWN, and remind you that back in my day, we didn’t have photocopiers–we typed out the captions for each panel in advance… by hand… with a damn typewriter.

(No one will be seated during the “false teeth dropping out” scene!!)

OK, so this minicomic makes no sense. Maybe someday I’ll scan and post my earlier childhood effort: an all-crayon version of Lord of the Rings. It’s at least as good as Powr Mastrs.

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  1. Ben Cohen says:

    David Mazzucchelli did his lecture on the evolution (or devolution) of his style. He begins it with a strip he did age 5 (?). A cran 3 panel about Batman, Robin and a PB&J. I found it inspirational. it was one of the reasons when I started my Blog posts, my first was a drawing I did of E.T. around the same age. Your Dad has just placed in your lap a real treasure. A reflection on development process. Dad’s are awesome. Last year, mine uncovered another drawing of Skywise from Elf Quest I did c. 1984. As a teacher and artist these are important artifacts. Congratulations. My instant thought in your case was, “of course, Ben, as long as I have known him, has been aggressive in the book producing side of this little game we play. It makes sense he would have been doing this all along.”

  1. Illustrated Lord of the Rings… by Ben Towle, age 7 » Ben Towle: Cartoonist, Educator, Hobo says:

    […] was not always the case, though. I got some positive reactions to an earlier post of one of my childhood “mini-comics,” so here for your viewing and/or laughing-at pleasure is my Lord of the Rings-themed childhood […]

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